Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Carmel Mountain Livin

Do you remember the last time I blogged? Yeah, me either.

Sorry. I guess the move and the flu threw me off and then, well, I kind of just forgot to blog. Either that or I got so overwhelmed with the idea of updating that I just didn't. Excuses, excuses...

What to say? We're officially moved into our Carmel Mountain residence (photos to come once I've rearranged everything a thousand more times). It's just a great little apartment and we are settling in nicely. What a joy to have space! and a washer/dryer that can fit more than one towel at a time... Grateful is the word of the month for me! Learning to be grateful for everything.

Cam got a new job working for San Diego Medical Services as an EMT. The company is amazing and has been treating him so well... He already talks about the people like they're family. As for the 5pm-3am shift... well... We'll survive! Cam's also been testing at fire departments all over the country. Who knew it was such a process! While I'd like to select a beautiful setting like Denver or Seattle for these first steps, beggars can't be choosers, and we will take anything! I think we're both excited to see what unfolds!

I'm slowly opening up my schedule to make more time for school. I have new vision and I'm excited to really put some work in.

Last weekend Cam got the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliantly creative minds on a shoot for "Change for Change" (our friends incredible organization that sells really unique necklaces and donates proceeds to charities). The model in him is really something else. I was just excited to soak up some time in Sarah Shreves Pasadena home (featured here on design sponge). Below is a little glimpse "behind the scenes":

Happy Wednesday!