Friday, December 31, 2010

The Johnsons Top Five Moments Of 2010

2010 is coming to a close and we decided to come up with our top five moments of the year. After narrowing down a long list...This is what we came up with:

5. Trip Home To Vegas for Morgan's 16th Brithday - What a treat to visit family and celebrate our sweet little sister. After our stay in the AMAZING timeshare, we couldn't keep this one off the list.

4. Tijuana Missions Trip! Our annual TJ trip was especially fun this year... Cameron played God in the evangelical outreach :) and Katie was on the dance team!

3. Boice Engagement/Wedding. Our dear friends tied the knot this year. It was SO fun to be apart of their big day!

2. Our Engagement/Wedding/Honeymoon... This one probably goes without saying. It was quite the eventful year for us! Our wedding was so special and celebrating in sunny Mexico was just icing on the cake! Bliss.

1. Snowy MARRIED! Christmas. Even better than the wedding and the honeymoon is BEING MARRIED! Our first snowy christmas as husband and wife tops off our list of favorite 2010 moments!
Here's to many more good times in 2011! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tis The Season

Cam and I just returned from our trip to Vegas to visit the Johnson fam. It was such a treat to relax with family and we even got a chance to head to Mt. Charleston for some snowy activities.

Next comes NYE. My darling husband purchased Miranda Lambert tickets for us (aka THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!)... Chris purchased the same for Sky... Thus, the Boices and The Johnsons will be ringing in 2011 in style - cowboy boots for all.

I hope its been a restful and FUN holiday season for you and yours! Happy New Years!

Hats Off To The Chef...

How sweet it is to have a husband that helps peel potatoes.

Adjustments pt.II : Husbands Perspective

Marriage has been an amazing experience so far, and I continue to pray for "the honeymoon stage" to last forever :). My wife is by far the best roommate I've ever had and here is a couple of reasons why.

1) I've never had a roommate who fixes me dinner
2) No roommate of mine has ever done my laundry before
3) Snuggling is always a perk!!!
4) There is not an overload of one type of hormone in the house
5) The newest one of them all is that there are two incomes going toward the same exact goals!!!

Let's not forget that there is the other side of adjusting I have to get used too.

One thing that comes with the territory of living with a girl is the amounts of bobby pins that you find on a daily basis! Some may be in the bathroom, some may be in the bedroom, occasionally in the living room, and even on the rarest of days I might find one on my dresser.

On another note; Never in my life did I imagine that I would have to make a decision about whether the picture frame should go over the dining room table or in the hall way or decide on if the ottoman looks better on the left side of the couch or the right side of the couch.

We have just hit our month of marriage and YES!!! the wedding advice is still pouring in. The latest advice was Communication, Comprehension, and first of all God!!! and he said it in a very motivated speaker kind of way; you know the way when you say thank you and the person still has a very intense look on there face and doesn't say you're welcome and then there's that awkward silence? As funny as those encounters are we love getting advice from different people and different mind sets!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010


There are certain unexpected aspects of newlywed life that I'm adjusting to (gracefully, of course). These are things that are bringing me genuine joy to the daily hub-bub, but are a life alteration none-the-less. For instance, I'm now way more knowledgeable about meat pricing and preparation. (Seriously, name a meat. I've cooked it in the last month.) My days are filled with pricing meat and my nights are filled with cooking it... Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration - but, for this former vegetarian - the meaty meals are new territory... I've also noticed a sharpening of my reflexes. For example, In the coldest darkest hour of the night, when I feel the soft covers begin to slide from my body and wrap around my husband, you better believe that my hand is quick to snatch it back into its proper positioning. Now, albeit, the first few nights were spent frozen and bitter... but, I've learned!

Although, perhaps the most interesting, and probably temporary aspect of newlywed life is the inevitable, and repetitive answering of the "Newlywed Questions." For those unaware, please allow me to explain...

The "Newlywed Questions" are a set of inquiries that each person (or group of persons) will ask a newly married couple, usually in the first meeting after the honeymoon. There are three basic questions that are asked - and although the wording may change and variations may occur, the 'basics' are to be expected. Before I go on, please do not misunderstand my extensive analysis of 'the questions' as an act of disdain towards answering them... I actually really enjoy answering these questions. I like talking about newlywed life, and I really love all of the advice that my friends and family have offered by way of the 'newlywed conversation.' That being said, below are the list of "NWQ's"

1) First thing is first. The inquiring friend or family member will begin the conversation by asking about the honeymoon. Now, there must be some sort of convention that people go to to learn how to awkwardly giggle and wink... because the excessive, but familiar inclusion of these things is inevitable:

"So, Katie... haha... How was uh... (wink wink...wink...) the uh... (wink)... ha... honeymoon... (wink) haha (wink)?"

2) After a detailed account of the honeymoon is given, the friend will move on to basic question number two. Please note: this is the part of the inquisition that is intended to pull the heart strings and get deep. I, however, have very few complaints or annoyances about marriage thus far - and because of that fact, I sometimes feel that I am disappointing the emotional needs of my audience. They receive no tears, few angry rants, and very little drama altogether. To that I say: Oh well.

"Soooo... what's the hardest part about marriage? Are there things that have been really surprising to you?"

3) Seeking friend will spend a few minutes prying for a better answer than "Well... not too many hard things. I guess the biggest adjustment has been cooking meat every night." ...before they move on to question number three. This is the question that is both the most challenging and the most fun. I get a chance to gloat over all of our brand new possessions, and yet am forced to make a very difficult decision. See below for further explanation:

"How bout those wedding gifts!? What is your favorite thing you and Cam received?"

to which my answer is often lengthy and maybe a little boring. The truth is - I love 99.9% of the gifts we got! I suppose that's the joy of a wedding gift registry. But, when forced to choose just one thing that stands out of the crowd... It has to be the Keurig.

This little beauty has greeted me each morning with joy and warmth. Its a personal coffee maker that quickly (talkin 30 seconds here, people) and efficiently delivers me some of the most delicious coffee I've ever tasted. It is, sadly, one of the most exciting parts of my day... and certainly one of the best gifts we received.

So, there you have it. This is the life of a newlywed and the conversation that has been on repeat for the last month. No complaints from me... I'm enjoying every second, keurig coffee in hand.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Add It to The List.

There is a long, growing list of reasons why I love my husband. He is smart, funny and talented. He is a learner. He is good at making decisions. He loves efficiency. I could go on and on... But, instead, I'll let this video speak for itself:


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas...


Rice Crispie Treats on the stove: check. Clean house: check. Stockings on the wall: check. Apple Cinnamon Plug-in: check... It's starting to look and smell like Christmas around the Johnson household.

Time For an Update...

Well... Its only been about 6 months...

The wedding planning made life a little busy. But - we did it! We're married! and we went on the most amazing honeymoon - a week on board the "Mariner Of The Seas" A Royal Carribean cruise that took us to three different ports in the Mexican Riviera: Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. Mazatlan was by far the highlight... ATVing in the back country just us and a guide! Enjoy the videos below :)

Now, we're just settling into our condo and our new life as Mr. and Mrs! More regular updates are on their way. I promise this time!

Honeymoon Day One: Please excuse any inaprop. "Smushing" references...

Honeymoon Day Four: Just after ATVing in Mazatlan

Honeymoon Day Five: Puerto Vallarta

Honeymoon Day Five: Happy Thanksgiving! (I turn the camera around... sorry for the brief diziness!)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

the aforementioned photos...

Yep! We're tying the knot... Check it out:

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm in the midst of the best weekend ever.

I spent yesterday exploring the streets of downtown Los Angeles in the "garment district." Word to the wise: Memorial Day weekend may not be the ideal time to visit the garment district as the crowds and traffic were truly overwhelming. Despite many moments of frustration (mainly concerning parking), solo adventures are my specialty and I felt refreshed by the sights, sounds, and smells of unfamiliar territory.

In the evening I made my way to Azusa where I've been enjoying the company of my bestie.
We spent this afternoon at the beach:

(yes...we are wearing THE SAME sunglasses...)

Shared the road with some interesting characters:

(They were in the fast lane, mind you.)

Watched "Frog and Toad" (the musical) in the park, accompanied by a picnik and a sunburn:

and celebrated the fact that my cambo will be home tomorrow (aka ONE day!):

See! The best weekend ever... and tomorrow: The BEST Monday ever.

Love you!
- Katie

Friday, May 21, 2010

two eight

You are...

a total-goofball
a selfless mother
an incredibly beautiful woman
and the best friend I could ever ask for!

Cam and I are so grateful for you! Love you, Sister!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010


I FINALLY got an e-mail from Cam! I cried when I opened it (yep.) and then I proceeded to read it a million times. It was the most exciting part of my day!

He said that Tunis has been crazy and kind of tough, but they are doing well. The language barrier has been an obstacle for them, but today they had major breakthrough and Cam got to see someone "decide to be friends with Papa!" (It's illegal to share the gospel in Tunisia, so they have to be very careful about the wording they use when they're speaking or writing letters and e-mails.) It's HUGE that Cam was able to share the gospel with someone and have them make a decision to follow Jesus!

He also said that the men are very touchy, everything is closed on Sundays, and he is STILL jet lagged. Haha! Poor guy :)

Only TWO more weeks until he is home... They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I'm not sure that I'm more fond (I was pretty stinkin fond to begin with), but there's no question that I miss my best friend.

He said he's going to try to e-mail more. Until then, I am going to bask in the joyful afterglow of that e-mail!


p.s. I'm not sure why I have my AOL mail set on New York, NY. But, I'm keepin it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's you and me, blog.

Well. We failed. Cam and I did not post that aforementioned vlog prior to his departure. Now, he's officially exploring Tunisian soil (after nearly 25 hours "en route") loving people and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ! So, you are stuck with me for the next few weeks, folks...Scary, I know!

I promise to pass along any details Cam shares with me via e-mail. I'm hoping he'll have access to a computer soon so we can learn a little about what he's up to. I'm missing him SO much already but I know this is going to be a fruitful time for both of us!

Okay, enough sap.

I'll leave you with a few quotes from the kiddos at school where I work. My coworker recently posted them on her facebook, and I hope they make you smile as much as they made me smile:

Kid Quotes

Rene, 5th grade boy: “Midgets are probably just people who didn’t eat enough vegetables.”
(He said this in all seriousness!)

Miss Kelly: “If you bring toys to school, I have to confiscate them.”
Cameron, 3rd Grade Boy to his friends: “Guys, don’t bring toys to school or Miss Kelly will suffocate them!”

Olivia, 2nd Grade Girl: “For Halloween I got a popcorn ball. It’s popcorn made out of balls.”

Miss Kelly: “What’s your favorite thing about Mr. Joe?”
Caroline, 2nd grade girl #1: “He gave me a turtle.”
Olivia, 2nd grade girl #2: “And he has leg hair.”

Leward, 4th grade boy: (Spoken with great concern) “Have you ever heard of a Japanese plum? People keep talking about it and I’ve never heard of it so I want to make sure I’m not crazy.”

(2nd grade girl playing M.A.S.H.)
Miss Kelly: “You always have to put one bad choice for each. So who will you put as a bad choice for a husband?”
(Tavin, 2nd grade girl) “Obviously someone who doesn’t love God!”
We teach them well!

(Nya, 2nd grade girl) “Your hair is making out really good with your eyes.”

(I told a kindergartener that eating Hot Cheetos makes your hair fall out)
Bella, Kinder. Girl : “Well then do Cold Cheetos make your hair grow?”

Bella, Kindergarten girl: “I know when is God’s birthday….everyday!”
(So precious!)

Jacob, 3rd grade boy: "John, wouldn't it be SO cool if everything were edible?"
John: "Um, Jacob, everything IS edible. It's just trying to figure out which things will kill you..."

Here's to an incredibly wise group of children who teach me to live simply!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lack of Updates

Cam and I have been busy this past week.

Cam has been doing this...

And I have been doing this...

Cam's been packing! He leaves for Tunisia on MONDAY! He'll be there until the 31st and when he gets back he'll be moving into a new apartment with Dan and Brandon (woot!)

I've been "studying" for finals (aka checking facebook and lollygaging on the internet in between 20 minute spurts of studying)... Just two more weeks left!
This is also my first week back in Encinitas! Still living out of boxes and bags...but I'm HOME!

We'll try to get in another vlog before Cambo leaves.

Love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Video Update #2


Just thinking about how grateful I am for Cam. He's an incredible leader and a faithful man. It's rare to come across someone so selfless and hard-working.
Plus, Cameron Johnson is the life of every party.
There's just no one like you, Babe. Thanks for being my best friend!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Our day today!!!

Cam went to Chuck E. Cheese...
Kate didn't go/a little bitter about it...:(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I got a new phone

Hey my phone was busted but I finally got a new one... ps where should I live? any suggestions?


Video Update #1

Monday, April 19, 2010

Love Notes.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Cameron Johnson...

And so it begins...

Welcome to our blog!

At the risk of looking like complete cheeseballs (which we are...) we decided to create this blog to keep our long-distance (and perhaps not so long-distance) friends and family up to date on the happenings of our lives.

We hope you enjoy the sure-to-be random musings (and videos) we have to offer.

Katie T and Cameron D