Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life and Its Humdrum.

Not much to blog about lately... Our lives can be summed up in two pictures:

Cameron -
Katie -

Cam has been working his tail off in EMT school - and just passed an intensive 3 week course with flying colors!!! He is scheduled to take the NREMT exam (National Registry Emergency Medical Technician) on Monday! Please pray for him... I'm convinced he's gonna do great!

I have been coaching my sweet little babes on the importance of keeping your hand straight when you serve the volleyball. My job is hilarious. I'm daily blown away by the intelligence and capability of a 3 year old... I'm also daily blown away by said 3 year old's stubbornness.

To completely change the subject: I've come across a few blogs where people post a photograph every single day. 365 photographs. At first glance I thought, "Wow! Such a great way to document a year! That sounds awesome!" ...and then I considered the fact that there is no way I could commit to something like that. I'm a little too forgetful. However, I've decided it would be great to take a picture once a week and post it on this here blog... "Wordless Wednesday"... yes? no? We'll see how it goes :)

Happy Saturday!

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