Friday, February 25, 2011


What? Where did February go?

Five Updates...

1. Cameron scored an awesome job as the newest EMT at Care Ambulance Company in San Diego! Horray! Ambition and determination are not qualities that are lacking in our household... and I'm a very proud wife.

2. I'm looking forward to taking a few short term classes this semester. Starting in mid-March I'll be going back to school to finish up my degree in Child Development. I'm so very excited to be back in the classroom again!

3. Life in the Johnson House is hilarious... We're doing this program: to work up to doing 100 push ups straight. The funny thing is it's working! When we started, I could maybe do 5 (pathetic, I know). Two weeks in, and I'm up to 20 in a row. Today I did 43 total. Ridiculous.

4. We celebrated "Valentines Weekend" with some of our close friends this last weekend. We took a little getaway to Corona where the boys played golf and the girls went to spa. We stayed the night, had a great dinner, saw a movie and came home totally relaxed. We're so grateful for good friends and sunny weather!

5. Cameron is getting new glasses in the mail today. We ordered them from Warby Parker - The 'Toms Shoes' of eye glasses. We're both unnaturally excited about them! It's probably kind of sad that we're so pumped about glasses... I'll update with a pic once we get them :)

Happy Friday to YOU!

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