Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adjustments pt.II : Husbands Perspective

Marriage has been an amazing experience so far, and I continue to pray for "the honeymoon stage" to last forever :). My wife is by far the best roommate I've ever had and here is a couple of reasons why.

1) I've never had a roommate who fixes me dinner
2) No roommate of mine has ever done my laundry before
3) Snuggling is always a perk!!!
4) There is not an overload of one type of hormone in the house
5) The newest one of them all is that there are two incomes going toward the same exact goals!!!

Let's not forget that there is the other side of adjusting I have to get used too.

One thing that comes with the territory of living with a girl is the amounts of bobby pins that you find on a daily basis! Some may be in the bathroom, some may be in the bedroom, occasionally in the living room, and even on the rarest of days I might find one on my dresser.

On another note; Never in my life did I imagine that I would have to make a decision about whether the picture frame should go over the dining room table or in the hall way or decide on if the ottoman looks better on the left side of the couch or the right side of the couch.

We have just hit our month of marriage and YES!!! the wedding advice is still pouring in. The latest advice was Communication, Comprehension, and first of all God!!! and he said it in a very motivated speaker kind of way; you know the way when you say thank you and the person still has a very intense look on there face and doesn't say you're welcome and then there's that awkward silence? As funny as those encounters are we love getting advice from different people and different mind sets!!!

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  1. The bobby pin one is my favorite because it is so very true. And it made me laugh really hard.