Friday, December 17, 2010


There are certain unexpected aspects of newlywed life that I'm adjusting to (gracefully, of course). These are things that are bringing me genuine joy to the daily hub-bub, but are a life alteration none-the-less. For instance, I'm now way more knowledgeable about meat pricing and preparation. (Seriously, name a meat. I've cooked it in the last month.) My days are filled with pricing meat and my nights are filled with cooking it... Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration - but, for this former vegetarian - the meaty meals are new territory... I've also noticed a sharpening of my reflexes. For example, In the coldest darkest hour of the night, when I feel the soft covers begin to slide from my body and wrap around my husband, you better believe that my hand is quick to snatch it back into its proper positioning. Now, albeit, the first few nights were spent frozen and bitter... but, I've learned!

Although, perhaps the most interesting, and probably temporary aspect of newlywed life is the inevitable, and repetitive answering of the "Newlywed Questions." For those unaware, please allow me to explain...

The "Newlywed Questions" are a set of inquiries that each person (or group of persons) will ask a newly married couple, usually in the first meeting after the honeymoon. There are three basic questions that are asked - and although the wording may change and variations may occur, the 'basics' are to be expected. Before I go on, please do not misunderstand my extensive analysis of 'the questions' as an act of disdain towards answering them... I actually really enjoy answering these questions. I like talking about newlywed life, and I really love all of the advice that my friends and family have offered by way of the 'newlywed conversation.' That being said, below are the list of "NWQ's"

1) First thing is first. The inquiring friend or family member will begin the conversation by asking about the honeymoon. Now, there must be some sort of convention that people go to to learn how to awkwardly giggle and wink... because the excessive, but familiar inclusion of these things is inevitable:

"So, Katie... haha... How was uh... (wink wink...wink...) the uh... (wink)... ha... honeymoon... (wink) haha (wink)?"

2) After a detailed account of the honeymoon is given, the friend will move on to basic question number two. Please note: this is the part of the inquisition that is intended to pull the heart strings and get deep. I, however, have very few complaints or annoyances about marriage thus far - and because of that fact, I sometimes feel that I am disappointing the emotional needs of my audience. They receive no tears, few angry rants, and very little drama altogether. To that I say: Oh well.

"Soooo... what's the hardest part about marriage? Are there things that have been really surprising to you?"

3) Seeking friend will spend a few minutes prying for a better answer than "Well... not too many hard things. I guess the biggest adjustment has been cooking meat every night." ...before they move on to question number three. This is the question that is both the most challenging and the most fun. I get a chance to gloat over all of our brand new possessions, and yet am forced to make a very difficult decision. See below for further explanation:

"How bout those wedding gifts!? What is your favorite thing you and Cam received?"

to which my answer is often lengthy and maybe a little boring. The truth is - I love 99.9% of the gifts we got! I suppose that's the joy of a wedding gift registry. But, when forced to choose just one thing that stands out of the crowd... It has to be the Keurig.

This little beauty has greeted me each morning with joy and warmth. Its a personal coffee maker that quickly (talkin 30 seconds here, people) and efficiently delivers me some of the most delicious coffee I've ever tasted. It is, sadly, one of the most exciting parts of my day... and certainly one of the best gifts we received.

So, there you have it. This is the life of a newlywed and the conversation that has been on repeat for the last month. No complaints from me... I'm enjoying every second, keurig coffee in hand.


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