Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's you and me, blog.

Well. We failed. Cam and I did not post that aforementioned vlog prior to his departure. Now, he's officially exploring Tunisian soil (after nearly 25 hours "en route") loving people and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ! So, you are stuck with me for the next few weeks, folks...Scary, I know!

I promise to pass along any details Cam shares with me via e-mail. I'm hoping he'll have access to a computer soon so we can learn a little about what he's up to. I'm missing him SO much already but I know this is going to be a fruitful time for both of us!

Okay, enough sap.

I'll leave you with a few quotes from the kiddos at school where I work. My coworker recently posted them on her facebook, and I hope they make you smile as much as they made me smile:

Kid Quotes

Rene, 5th grade boy: “Midgets are probably just people who didn’t eat enough vegetables.”
(He said this in all seriousness!)

Miss Kelly: “If you bring toys to school, I have to confiscate them.”
Cameron, 3rd Grade Boy to his friends: “Guys, don’t bring toys to school or Miss Kelly will suffocate them!”

Olivia, 2nd Grade Girl: “For Halloween I got a popcorn ball. It’s popcorn made out of balls.”

Miss Kelly: “What’s your favorite thing about Mr. Joe?”
Caroline, 2nd grade girl #1: “He gave me a turtle.”
Olivia, 2nd grade girl #2: “And he has leg hair.”

Leward, 4th grade boy: (Spoken with great concern) “Have you ever heard of a Japanese plum? People keep talking about it and I’ve never heard of it so I want to make sure I’m not crazy.”

(2nd grade girl playing M.A.S.H.)
Miss Kelly: “You always have to put one bad choice for each. So who will you put as a bad choice for a husband?”
(Tavin, 2nd grade girl) “Obviously someone who doesn’t love God!”
We teach them well!

(Nya, 2nd grade girl) “Your hair is making out really good with your eyes.”

(I told a kindergartener that eating Hot Cheetos makes your hair fall out)
Bella, Kinder. Girl : “Well then do Cold Cheetos make your hair grow?”

Bella, Kindergarten girl: “I know when is God’s birthday….everyday!”
(So precious!)

Jacob, 3rd grade boy: "John, wouldn't it be SO cool if everything were edible?"
John: "Um, Jacob, everything IS edible. It's just trying to figure out which things will kill you..."

Here's to an incredibly wise group of children who teach me to live simply!


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  1. okay, i've read this three times already...these quotes are killer!