Sunday, May 16, 2010


I FINALLY got an e-mail from Cam! I cried when I opened it (yep.) and then I proceeded to read it a million times. It was the most exciting part of my day!

He said that Tunis has been crazy and kind of tough, but they are doing well. The language barrier has been an obstacle for them, but today they had major breakthrough and Cam got to see someone "decide to be friends with Papa!" (It's illegal to share the gospel in Tunisia, so they have to be very careful about the wording they use when they're speaking or writing letters and e-mails.) It's HUGE that Cam was able to share the gospel with someone and have them make a decision to follow Jesus!

He also said that the men are very touchy, everything is closed on Sundays, and he is STILL jet lagged. Haha! Poor guy :)

Only TWO more weeks until he is home... They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I'm not sure that I'm more fond (I was pretty stinkin fond to begin with), but there's no question that I miss my best friend.

He said he's going to try to e-mail more. Until then, I am going to bask in the joyful afterglow of that e-mail!


p.s. I'm not sure why I have my AOL mail set on New York, NY. But, I'm keepin it!

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